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Daily Deals Wonder has a database of thousands of hot-selling profitable items.  

1. Select any items from the Daily Deals Wonder database.

2. List those items with the higher price to Facebook marketplace or any other marketplace of your choice.

 3. When you receive an order in your marketplace, you can order from our website with the buyer’s name and address.

We fulfill the order for you. And You can keep the profit.

Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic platform that you can use to use to list Daily Deals Wonder's items. There are millions of buyers searching for products on the Facebook marketplace. Facebook allows people to buy directly on their website. When you sign up for Daily Deals Wonder, you’ll get instant access to our Hot Selling Items. You can copy product details from our website and list it on Facebook Marketplace with the higher selling price. You will get paid by Facebook directly when your item sales.

Here are some of the benefits of Facebook

800 Million Potential Buyers

800 million people use Facebook Marketplace every month to find, buy and sell items. You can reach more of them with Daily Deals Wonders

Sell Globally

Selling through Facebook allows you to reach a global audience. The app has 2.8 billion users across six continents, so it’s easy to sell your products to all four corners of the world.

Huge Range Of Products

Facebook Marketplace allows listings for huge range of products. Categories for apparel, accessories, beauty, and home furnishings are popular, and there are many more to choose from. 

Use Daily Deals Wonder Chrome Extension, which will copy all products details in 1 Click and paste to your Facebook Marketplace with your desired profit margin. It will automatically monitor Stock and Price for all Daily Deals Wonder products listed in your Facebook marketplace Account. You can also customize the title and Description with beautiful emojis.

Chrome Extension Tutorial 

  • * Pin Daily Deals Wonder Chrome Extension as shown in the  image. 
  • * Click on extension to log in to your account
  • * Click on extension again after successfully login to your account

Chrome Extension Settings 

  • Select Auto Price & Stock Update in Browser. This will allow extension to monitor stock and price. Price and stock in your Facebook account will change if those are changed on Daily Deals Wonder website 

Template Settings

  • * Profit% : Enter your desired profit% .We recommend maximum up to 15%(  Do not add Facebook fee % in your profit% as we added that in extension itself). Your Facebook selling price including shipping price will be based on profit%
  • * Minimum Profit: Enter your desired minimum profit $ amount. We recommend up to $5. 
  • * Title Template: Please make sure to keep {title}. You can add emoji and any attractive text before {title} . This will copy title of the product from our website.
  • * Description Template : Please make sure to keep {description}.  You can add emoji and any attractive text before or after {description}. This will copy Description of the product from our website.
  • * Please Click Save button to Save Template settings 

How to List Items

There are Two ways to list items from our website to your Facebook Account. One way is use our Autolist feature which will allow our team to add profitable items to your account. Another way is, you can list any items of your choice by simply clicking COPY button shown on our website product page

  • * Click Start button in our extension Autolist tab if you would like our team to list items to your account. Clicking Start button will not list items instantly. Please allow 24 hours for our team to list items. We will try to list items daily to your account
  • * How to copy and list any items from our website.  Click here to Visit our website best selling items. Visit any product page and click COPY button as shown in below image to list items to your Facebook account. 

Refer a friend and earn 2% Commission on all purchases made by your users . After you install and activate the extension, right click here and copy this link.  Share this link with your friends to start earning massive commission for the life. When they sign up and list items into their marketplace account, you will earn 2% commission on all purchases.

Click Here to Join Daily Deals Wonder's Facebook Group. Sellers share their hot selling items in Facebook Group. You can list those items with your profit margin to your marketplace account to gain tons of sales. You do not have to spend time finding profitable items. Other users have done the work for you. 

You can list our items on eBay, Mercari, Etsy, Poshmark, Bonanza, Walmart, Amazon or any Marketplace of Your Choice. There are billions of buyers across hundreds of marketplace platforms. The opportunity is unlimited. All you have to do is list our items and wait for the sales.

Daily Deals Wonder has a lucrative cash-back Program. When you buy from the Daily Deals wonder Website, you can earn up to 2% Cashback on all purchases you make on our website. It means more money in your pocket. 

This is the big question, right? Do you need to make a significant investment to join this program? The answer is NO!  There is no Cost to Join this program.  


Following are the requirements for all members

  • Active Facebook Marketplace Account
  • List at least one item per day in your marketplace account or seven items per week if you can not list every day. You can list item(s) at a higher price with your desired profit margin.
  • Purchase from the Daily Deals Wonder website when you receive an order in your marketplace account.

Use Daily Deals Wonder To List Items

Gain Tons of Sales & Earn Massive Income by Selling Hot Items.