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Calling all online sellers! We want to help you make more money by selling items online. If you’re already selling on an online marketplace, but you know you can sell more, Daily Deals Wonder is here to help. You can gain tons of sales by getting your products listed in other marketplaces quickly and conveniently, right now.

Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic seller platform that we can use to help you make more profit. When you sign up for Daily Deals Wonder, you’ll get your products listed on our Facebook Marketplace and on other users’ accounts. By selling across several accounts, you’ll reach more buyers and ultimately make a more significant profit each month.

Here are some of the benefits of Facebook

800 Million Potential Buyers

800 million people use Facebook Marketplace every month to find, buy and sell items. You can reach more of them with Daily Deals Wonders

Sell Globally

Selling through Facebook allows you to reach a global audience. The app has 2.8 billion users across six continents, so it’s easy to sell your products to all four corners of the world.

Huge Range Of Products

Whatever you’re selling at the moment, there’s probably a place for it on Facebook Marketplace. Categories for apparel, accessories, beauty, and home furnishings are popular, and there are many more to choose from. 

The process is pretty simple if you’re already selling items online. You’ll list your items on the Daily Deals Wonder website. We will list your items on our Business Facebook Marketplace page, and other website users will list your products too. When someone sells your item, they’ll go onto the Daily Deals Wonder website and purchase it from you. You’ll fulfill the order as you usually would. It’s a win-win solution to selling more.

When you add your products to Daily Deals Wonder, we’ll add them to our sales website too. When your items start selling, we’ll also send an email out to my growing list of 10,000 subscribers who are always on the lookout for great products at great prices. And, we’ll feature your product on our website homepage, so your items are exposed to an even bigger audience, pushing sales higher and faster.

When you add your products to Daily Deals Wonder, other users will list them into their marketplace account. It can be eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Mercari, Poshmark, or any other marketplace of their choice.  Your items will get more exposure to other marketplaces without your efforts. 

We will show you how you can earn lifetime income from your buyers by turning them into Promoters. They can signup to list items into their marketplace account, and you can earn lifetime passive income on all of their purchases. 

You also get to make a high passive income by signing up for our sales platform. You’ll list other people’s best-selling products on your marketplace with your profit margin and make money every time an item sells. All you have to do is order it on our website, and you’re done. The shipping is taken care of by the owner of the product.

This is the big question, right? Do you need to make a big investment to get more sales? The answer is NO! You don’t need to invest any money into Facebook Marketplace to take advantage of this offer.

For a limited time, there is no cost to join this program. If an item of yours sells, Daily Deals Wonder will take a 10% commission. If you don’t sell an item, you’ll pay nothing. There’s no upfront cost to you and no risk. 


There is no cost to join this program. However, the following are the requirements for all sellers

  • Join Facebook Seller Group. We will provide a link to join after your account is approved.
  • List at least one item per day of any Daily Deals Wonder user in your marketplace account or seven items per week if you can not list every day. You can list their item(s) at a higher with your desired profit margin.
  •  Purchase from the Daily Deals Wonder platform when you receive an order in your marketplace account for the items listed in point 2 above.

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